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What should be planted and sown in the garden at the end of March

With the arrival of the second half of March, summer residents are actively preparing for the new season. Although the temperature is not yet favorable for everything, now is the ideal time for sowing and planting some species, writes WomanEL.

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Brussels sprouts

If you want an early harvest, plant Brussels sprouts now. This crop thrives in cool weather and will provide you with tasty bushes in midsummer.


Bare-root pear trees are also great to plant in March, as this is the last month of their dormant period. They will become an excellent element of garden decor and will bring you a lot of tasty pleasure in the future. It is important to choose moist and well-drained soil for them.


Early spring creates ideal conditions for sowing peas, while the temperature has not yet exceeded comfortable limits for this crop. When planting, it is important to create optimal conditions. Dig a wide trench 4cm deep and place the peas in two rows 15cm apart. Provide support for plants so they can develop properly.

Secrets of successful cultivation: how to select and plant a crop for maximum yield in the spring. Source: veganfoodandliving


Calendula officinalis, also known as marigolds, is a great option for quick and easy growing. Sow the seeds under cover now, in March, and you will enjoy their beauty until the end of spring.


Don't forget about raspberries. Bare root bushes can only be planted during the dormant season, so March is the best time to do this. Grow them in well-drained soil and be sure to provide adequate irrigation during the dry season.

With these tips, you can make the most of this spring to create a fruitful garden or vegetable garden. Don't miss the chance and start your summer cottage production now. By the way, we recently told you which plants need to be pruned in March.

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