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What to see at Bellagio 2024 – pearls of Italy on Lake Como

Bellagio with its lovely shops, streets, steaming streets, and traditional architecture is a highly sought after destination in the heart of Lombardy. If you are planning to visit Lake Como, this place is not to be missed. Don't know what to see in Bellagio?

ContentBellagio – a walk with a poetic and presented panorama. What to marvel at in the town of Bellagio: Gardens of the Villa Melzi d’Erillo. Bellagio history: Basilica of San Giacomo

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Bellagio – a walk with a poetic and presented panorama

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Once you step on the threshold of this village on the birch of Lake Como, you will immediately be surrounded by beautiful, incredibly romantic surroundings that look like “the pearl of Lake Como.” The long laurel avenues and bucolic gardens make Bellagio a popular destination if you want to enjoy natural scenery. This place is especially popular among tourists. Mandrivniki quickly come here to gather important memories and get a glimpse of Vinyatkov’s panorama of this Italian village.

Its picturesque streets are decorated with typical shops and restaurants. But what really makes this city special are the fragrant gardens and grandiose Italian villas that grow along the shores of the lake. Poetry can be found everywhere in Bellagio. But the true soul of the village is in its old town, especially on the famous street Salita Serbelloni. The old shop windows and flower-adorned balconies will transport you to the real Italy of yesteryear.

It is recommended to arrive there early in the morning to escape the crowds of tourists and also to enjoy the panoramic views and numerous sightseeing points that the city offers . The village of Bellagio is located between two branches of the lake. And you can get there from Milan or Como both by car and by public transport.

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What to marvel at in the Bellagio area: Meltsi Village Gardens d’Eril

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Household belongings of Bellagio – gardens of the Villa Melzi d’Eril, created in the 19th century by Francesco Melzi d’Eril (Vice President of Italy which Republics). This is a symbol of the region’s talent in the galus of landscape mystique. Elegant and carefully styled, they fit perfectly into the panorama of the region, adding a touch of romance to your date.

Excellence in architectural styles can be easily seen, for example, in a Japanese garden and a Moorish kiosk.

  • Korisno nobility. The gardens are open today from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from midday to early afternoon. The cost of arranging is 8 euros per person. Please remember that for tourists there are only gardens, not villas.

What to marvel at in the town of Bellagio: Lungolago Bellagio

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To enjoy the unforgettable view of the region, we recommend that you take a walk around Lungolago Bellagio. With this long walk you can enjoy the sunshine, admiring the sunrise, and also in the evening, admiring the sunset. During the day, as the weather permits, you can also enjoy some of the dormouse that floats near the waters of the lake. This is a wonderful place for perfect Instagram photos!

What to marvel at in Bellagio: Basilica of San Giacomo

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The enemy Basilica of San Giacomo is also the most important point of any visit to the place. Built in the 11th-12th centuries, the church is in the Romanesque style and has an architectural gem. The interior will undergo renovations to give it its famous style. A gilded tree and a mosaic combined with a black whole and a white stone recreate the same place on the Vinyatka view.

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