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What was it: in Poland they are looking for an unknown object that flew in during a missile attack

The operational command of Poland reported that during the morning Russian attack an unknown object flew into Polish airspace from the territory of Ukraine, writes WomanEL.

An unknown air object entered the airspace of the Republic of Poland from the border with Ukraine. Source: Instagram

The entry of the object into the airspace was observed by the systems of Polish services. There is no information about the explosion that occurred. Polish President Andrzej Duda convened an emergency meeting with military leaders after the violation of Ukrainian airspace.

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In the morning, an unknown air object entered the airspace of the Republic of Poland from the border with Ukraine and from the moment of crossing the border until the signal disappeared was observed by the country's air defense radars. In accordance with the current procedure, the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces has mobilized the forces and means at his disposal,

said the command of the Polish Armed Forces.

What was it… Source: Instagram

According to the radio station RMF24, the object was moving at great speed. It was observed by residents of the Dolgobyczew commune in the Lublin Voivodeship. They heard a loud noise and whistle, and the object itself was moving to the west. Searches are underway in the vicinity of Zamosc.

Learn about the consequences of the devastating missile attack on Ukraine here.

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