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What will the rise in food prices be in the spring of 2024?

According to the forecasts of the Agrarian Committee, the national market of Ukraine may have a slight impact on food prices during this spring. Dmitry Solomchuk, a people’s deputy and an active member of the committee on agrarian and land policy, said that one should not expect a dramatic increase in prices, writes WomanEL.

In my opinion, there will not be a dramatic increase in food prices. Vegetables that were stored in vegetable stores over the winter will begin to become cheaper. In particular, the price of potatoes and onions is decreasing compared to January, Solomchuk noted.

We should also expect a decrease in prices for eggs, since domestic production increases with the onset of the spring-summer period. Farms, competing with large producers, offer more affordable quality and price. However, according to Solomchuk, there is scope for a slight increase in prices for dairy products.

The Agrarian Committee predicts stability in prices for Ukrainian products market in spring. Source: UNL Food

The price of dairy products may not increase significantly as fuel prices rise. In this case, milk can add a few percent in price due to logistics

the deputy emphasized.

So, the general trend in the product market of Ukrainian consumers in the spring will be determined by the stability of prices for basic goods, with possible minor fluctuations in individual segments, in particular, dairy products.

By the way, we have also prepared a sowing calendar for April 2024.

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