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Who is Andrei Makarevich by nationality: the truth about the origin of the 70-year-old singer

Andrey Makarevich has long been admired by Ukrainians. The 70-year-old rock musician and singer is not only talented, but he is also bold in his statements. He has long criticized the Russian authorities, and after the events of February 2022, he and his wife left for Israel. This fueled fans’ interest in the singer’s personality and biography. Many began to wonder what Andrei Makarevich’s nationality is, since he hates Russia so much.

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WomanEL has collected for you several facts about the leader of the “Time Machine” group that you might not know.

Who are Andrei Makarevich’s parents

Makarevich was born in 1953 in Moscow into a family of mixed origin: Belarusian (royal peasantry), Polish aristocracy (from the Sas family), Greek and Jewish origin.

His mother is Nina Markovna Makarevich (nee Shmuilovich) – of Jewish origin. The maternal grandmother is from Vitebsk, and the maternal grandfather is from the Jewish city of Pustoshka, Vitebsk province. Her ancestors are Jewish Belarusians.

But in the family of father Andrei Vadimovich there is an incredible amount of blood. Vadim Grigorievich Makarevich is of Belarusian origin. But it is also known that his ancestors lived in Belarus, which was still part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Polish origin), and one of his great-grandfathers, Anthony Ussakovsky, was a Greek Catholic priest who married a Greek woman (Greek origin). The Makarevich family tree was discussed in 2010 on a TV show on ORT, and the editor of “Gistarychnaya Brama” Alexander Ilyin summarized and published the generational history of the Makarevich family.

Who is Andrey Makarevich by nationality

Judging by his last name, you might already have guessed that the 70-year-old rock musician is Belarusian. But, since his mother was Jewish, Andrei Makarevich is half Jewish (on his mother’s side) and half Belarusian (on his father’s side). As the singer assures, he is a complete cosmopolitan.

Support for Ukraine

Andrey Makarevich with his wife Einat Klein, Source:

Andrei Makarevich has never hidden that he supports Ukraine. Back in 2014, he walked a Peace March in support of Ukraine and its inhabitants, opposing the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. In the same year, he visited Svyatogorsk and spoke to refugee children who suffered during the armed conflict in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. After this, the singer began to be persecuted, and his concerts were cancelled.

The events of February 2022 did not change Makarevich’s worldview. He wrote anti-war songs and even left Russia with his pregnant wife, declaring that he had no intention of returning. The reason for his reparation was the birth of his son, as he stated in an interview. The couple want the child to master Hebrew in the Israeli environment in the future.

In September 2022, it was announced that the artist was included in the list of foreign agents. But he doesn't seem to care at all. As RTVI writes, Andrei understood where this was going and was not going to fight. In his opinion, foreign agents are those who have become objectionable to the Russian authorities.

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