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Who is Rustem Umerov by nationality: the truth about the origin of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine

When they say where you were born, you came in handy there, you can argue with that. There are a lot of people in Ukraine who were born in other countries, but they do everything in their power to make our country prosper. For example, the 41-year-old Minister of Defense of Ukraine. Do you know who Rustem Umerov is by nationality? Where was he born?

Content< /i>Who are Rustem Umerov’s parents? Who is Rustem Umerov’s nationality? How did Rustem Umerov end up in Ukrainian politics?

WomanEL offers to learn some interesting biographical facts about the origin and life of the former Chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

Who are the parents Rustem Umerova

The father of the future Minister of Defense of Ukraine is industrial engineer Enver Seydametovich Umerov. His mother, Meryem Irfanovna, is a chemical engineer. Despite the fact that Rustem Enverovich was born in the city of Bulungur in the Samarkand region of the Uzbek SSR in 1982, his family came from Crimea and Alushta. How did they end up in Uzbekistan?

In the 40s, his family, like many other Crimean Tatars, was forcibly deported to Central Asia by conscientious authorities. When the USSR collapsed, the Umerovs managed to return to their homeland, to their beloved Alushta.

Who is Rustem Umerov by nationality

Rustem Enverovich is a Crimean Tatar. In addition, as the BBC reports, he is a Muslim.

The Minister of Defense does not forget his compatriots, he cares about the fate of the Crimean Tatars in Ukraine and abroad. It is important for him to take part in the construction of mosques in Ukraine.

How did Rustem Umerov end up in Ukrainian politics?

How Rustem Umerov became the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Source: Press service of Andrey Andreev/facebook.com

It is impossible not to note that Rustem Umerov is a prominent figure in Ukrainian politics, and he does a lot for Ukraine’s victory in the fight against the Russian Federation.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine is a financier by education. He held senior positions at lifecell, was president of the Crimea Development Fund charity organization, and worked in the investment business.

Umerov was elected people's deputy of the 9th convocation from the Golos party in 2019. Since the beginning of the war, the politician has established himself as a talented negotiator. Let us recall that he was a representative of the Ukrainian delegation in negotiations with the Russian Federation. In addition, he participated in the development of the “grain deal”, accompanied the president during a visit to Saudi Arabia in May 2023 and the first lady to the UAE in March. Rustem Enverovich played a significant role in the exchange of prisoners of war, including Azov fighters.

  • Interesting fact: Umerov is a polyglot: in a boarding school in Crimea he learned Ukrainian, Tatar, Russian, Turkish and English , his press service reports.

For his services in military exchanges, the President of Ukraine appointed Rustem Enverovich as Chairman of the State Property Fund. And on September 6, 2023, a new chapter of his political activity began – he became the Minister of Defense of Ukraine. Many were happy and congratulated him on his new position. For example, Tamila Tasheva, the representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea since 2022, wrote about this on Facebook. According to her, this nomination is really important. It means that Ukraine will continue to fight for Crimea.

Although some may be surprised why this position was taken by a person not directly connected with the military sphere, everything is extremely simple. As Co-Director of Foreign Policy and International Security Programs and International Projects Coordinator Alexey Melnik notes, the Ministry of Defense deals with logistics issues, procurement and policy formation. That is, the task of the Minister of Defense is not to influence military operations, but to ensure the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

If you are wondering whether Syrsky is really Russian by nationality, here is what we found out about it about.

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