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Why does Pavel Zibrov pay his daughter’s salary?

Ukrainian singer Pavel Zibrov revealed to the public details about how he pays his daughter’s salary and expressed his thoughts about his future son-in-law, writes WomanEL.

Diana, the 26-year-old daughter of an artist, works for her father and receives an honest wage. According to the performer, Diana has a significant number of responsibilities and from time to time her salary is raised. Pavel Zibrov shared that his daughter’s salary has already been increased three times, as she plays various roles, including PR director, SMM manager, responsible for music videos, filming, editing and planning meetings.

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I was lucky in my life that I had a daughter, that she was next to me. She took on a lot of specialties,

the celebrity said.

Pavel Zibrov made a frank confession. Source: instagram.com/pavlo_zibrov

In his interview on the show “33 Questions from Lux FM”, the artist also spoke about the future son-in-law of his daughter, businessman Andrei Ishchenko. Zibrov noted that he plans to be an excellent father-in-law for him, because he respects his daughter’s choice.

The daughter has a fiancé. He's a cool guy and I really like him and my mom. The only thing is that he doesn’t drink. No one to drink with! Marina doesn't drink, Diana doesn't drink, he doesn't drink. It’s kind of sad,

Zibrov added.

He expressed admiration for Andrei and said that he liked Diana’s choice. However, the singer noted one drawback of his future son-in-law – he does not drink alcohol, and therefore Pavel needs to cross out such entertainment.

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