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Yulia Lushchinskaya presented her first song after the birth of her child

The young Ukrainian performer Yulia Lushchinskaya has already managed to do two important things: she gave birth to a daughter and released the hype track “Gopak”. And although the last one almost cost her her life, it’s time for new achievements. The talented singer presented the frank and emotional track “Enough,” says WomanEL.

After the release of “Dancing Gopak”, Yulia almost committed suicide due to the terrible hate that suddenly poured out on the girl.

Yulia Lushchinskaya presented the frank and emotional track “Enough.” Source: Instagram

I realized how cruel the world and people can be. They threatened me, they wanted to kill me. They called me names every day and every minute. I was being followed. When they found out, they began to mock and shout insulting words. And I felt completely unprotected,

the singer shared.

But later Julia found out that she was pregnant, and this news kept her away from suicidal thoughts. Later, all the pain and despair poured out in the new song “Enough,” which can already be listened to on all music platforms.

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