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Yuri Gorbunov spoke about his relationship with his eldest daughter from his first marriage

53-year-old actor, TV presenter and producer Yuri Gorbunov, for the first time after his divorce from his first wife, admitted his relationship with his named daughter Ksenia and granddaughter Polina. He shared details of his personal life in a new interview, writes WomanEL.

Note that Yuri Gorbunov had two marriages. His first wife Lyudmila was 12 years older than him. They met when Lyudmila already had a daughter, Ksenia, from a previous relationship. Since they did not have children together, the TV presenter adopted a girl who became his named daughter. The couple lived together for about 20 years before divorcing in 2015. Despite this, Yuri Gorbunov maintains relationships with his daughter Ksenia and granddaughter Polina. Ksenia and her family emigrated to America in 2013 and have lived there ever since. Yuri Gorbunov admitted that he communicates with them by phone often, regardless of the distance.

It's been a long time since we saw each other. They live in America. And we communicate on the phone often. How people call each other on the phone once a month, once every two weeks, when. Well, everything is fine with them there, thank God. They went there a long time ago, it seems, since 2013. They are IT people. We communicate once a month. This is enough,

the celebrity said.

How Yuri Gorbunov maintains family relationships even at a distance. Source: instagram.com/gorbunovyuriy

After the divorce, Yuri Gorbunov married for the second time to TV presenter Ekaterina Osadchaya. They met in 2014 on the project “Voice. Children,” and in 2017 the couple officially legalized their relationship. The age difference between Yuri and Ekaterina is 13 years, but this did not stop them from creating a happy family. They had two children together: son Ivan and Daniil.

Thus, after difficult decisions in his personal life, Yuri Gorbunov managed to maintain relationships with his daughter and granddaughter, as well as build a happy family with Ekaterina Osadchaya.< /p>

By the way, Yuri Gorbunov recently showed how he entertains his sons.

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