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Zaritskaya from KAZKA showed intimate kisses with her fiance in a new video

Alexandra Zaritskaya revealed her personal side in the latest video of the group “KAZKA”, where she performs not only as a vocalist, but also as a beloved wife. The video accompanying the hit “Sweet” became not only a gift for the group’s fans for the holidays, but also an amazing declaration of love, writes WomanEL.

A tender story of lovers lights up on the screen, which is now associated not only with musical stage, but also the personal life of Alexandra Zaritskaya. Her fiancé Pavel unexpectedly appeared in the video, emphasizing that they are an inseparable duet both on stage and in real life.

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According to Zaritskaya herself, this video became a separate stage in the life of the couple, where they decided to share their happy story with peace. Sensual kisses and hugs that open on the screen become evidence of deep love and mutual understanding between two hearts.

Alexandra Zaritskaya touched the fans. Source: youtube.com/kazkaband

Not only members of the KAZKA group, but also other important people in Zaritskaya’s life also played roles in the video. Such as Barack Obama's favorite violinist and Damien Escobar, winner of two Emmy Awards, who performed the string part in the song.

Not only the musical, but also the personal experiment turned out to be successful for Alexandra Zaritskaya and her fiancé. Their love and creative path continue to fill life with bright colors, which can now be seen on the screen of the “Sweet” video.

By the way, Alexandra Zaritskaya recently posed in an elegant dress from a Ukrainian brand for 26 thousand UAH.< /p>
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