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Zelensky's Easter embroidered shirt: what is the price and what does the ornament mean?

The President of Ukraine for the first time since the full-scale Russian invasion put on a light outfit and broke his dark military dress code. Vladimir Zelensky's Easter embroidered shirt amazed Ukrainians with its incredible ornament, so WomanEL tells what the pattern means and how much such beauty costs.

The Guarantor of Ukraine congratulated his people on Easter in a white linen embroidered shirt from the Ukrainian brand Varenyky Fashion and trousers in the style military.

Vladimir Zelensky’s Easter embroidered shirt amazed the Ukrainians. Source: Instagram

The world sees it. God knows that. And we believe: God has a chevron with the Ukrainian flag on his shoulder. So with such an ally, life will definitely defeat death. Happy Easter to all of you, dear Ukrainians! Christ is risen! Truly risen!

Zelensky emphasized in his address.

The embroidered shirt that the president wore has a symbolic meaning and is named Vladimir. The original model was created in 2022

The ornament symbolizes abundance and a long happy life. Made using chain embroidery technique. She also proves that you can create something beautiful without knots. The amulet protects from the evil gaze of ill-wishers. The shirt depicts our time and is decorated with military camouflage,

noted in Varenyky Fashion.

The festive shirt is created in compliance with traditions and does not have a single knot. The cost of such an embroidered shirt is 12.5 thousand UAH.

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