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Biathlon: results of the last race of the 2023/24 World Cup season

 Biathlon : results of the last race of the 2023/24 World Cup season

Johannes Bjo won the mass start in Canmore, Canada.

On Sunday, March 17 , at the final stage of the Biathlon World Cup 2023/24 in Canmore, Canada, the last race of the season took place – the men's mass start.

Ukraine was not represented in this race. None of our biathletes were able to qualify for the mass start.

The mass start was won by the Norwegian Johannes Bjo, who before the final race prematurely won the Biathlon World Cup 2023/24 and won the Big Crystal Globe for the fifth time in his career.

Second place in the mass start was taken by another Norwegian, Johannes Dahle-Sevdahl, and the Frenchman Emilien Jacquelin finished third.

Biathlon World Cup 2023/24: results of the men's mass start in Canmore

1. Johannes Bjo (Norway, 0+0+0+1) 36:03.4 minutes

2. Johannes Dale-Sevdal (Norway, 2+0+0+0) +44.5

3. Emilien Jacquelin (France, 1+1+1+0) +1:07.2

4. Tommaso Giacomel (Italy, 1+1+1+1) +1:15.1

5. Tarjei Bjo (Norway, 1+2+0+1) +1:19.9

6. Martin Ponsiluoma (Sweden, 2+1+0+1) +1:23.8

We would like to add that earlier on March 17, the women's mass start took place, which was won by the Frenchwoman Lou Jeanmonnot. The only Ukrainian, Yulia Dzhima, finished 23rd.

Italian Lisa Vittozzi won the final women's overall standings of the Biathlon World Cup. For the first time in her career, she became the owner of the Big Crystal Globe.

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