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Biathlon World Championships 2024: men's relay results

 Biathlon World Championships biathlon 2024: results of the men's relay

The Ukrainian team finished 13th in the men's relay at the world biathlon championship.

On Saturday, 17 February, at the Biathlon World Championships 2024 in the Czech Republic of Nove Mesto, the men's relay took place.

Artem Prima, Dmitry Pidruchny, Denis Nasyko and Anton Dudchenko performed for the Ukrainian national team. Our team reached the finish line 13th.

At the starting stage, Prima practiced prone shooting with two misses and left the firing line in 21st position. On the stand, Artem also took advantage of two additional rounds and rose to 17th place. He passed the baton to 14th place, 50 seconds behind the sensational race leader, the Estonian team.

At the second stage, Pidruchny used one additional cartridge during prone shooting and reached 11th position. On the stand, Dmitry missed only once and brought our team to fifth place. He passed the baton fifth with a lag of 42.4 seconds from the leader – the Norwegian team.

At the third stage, Nasyko, due to the low pace of the distance, approached the prone shooting ninth, but quickly and accurately worked on the shooting range and returned to fifth position. Denis failed his stance and suffered one penalty lap, which dropped Ukraine to tenth place. He passed the baton to 13th place with a gap of 3 minutes 15 seconds from the leader – the Norwegian team.

At the final stage, Dudchenko shot cleanly prone and remained in 13th position. He made two penalties on the stand and ultimately finished 13th. The gap between the “blue-yellows” and the winner of the race was 3 minutes 44 seconds.

Sweden became the world champion in the men's relay. “Silver” was taken by Norway, which sensationally missed out on victory due to the fact that Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen earned three penalties at the last shooting stage. France won bronze.

2024 Biathlon World Championships: men's relay results

1. Sweden (0+9) 1:16:22.6

2. Norway (4+14) +11.8

3. France (3+13) +12.8

4. Germany (1+8)+51.6

5. USA (0+8) +1:22.2

6. Italy (1+11) +1:44.1

13. Ukraine (1+11) +3:43.7

Earlier today, on February 17, the women's relay race took place, in which the Ukrainian team was able to finish in the top 5. The French team won.

On Sunday, February 18, the 2024 Biathlon World Cup program will end with mass starts.

Where to watch the Biathlon World Championship races

On the territory of Ukraine, all races of the Biathlon World Championship will be broadcast on the Suspilne Sport website, as well as on local Suspilne broadcasting channels (Suspilne Kiev, Suspilne Poltava, etc.).

View The race can also be seen on the online television platformKyivstar TVon the Suspilne Kyiv channel. And with the promotional code TSNUA, get premium access to the film and television platform for 7 days.

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