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Biathlon World Cup: results of the women's relay at the stage in Salt Lake City

ByИван Дунаев

Mar 9, 2024

 Biathlon World Cup: results of the women's relay at the stage in Salt Lake City

The Ukrainian team became seventh in the final women's relay of the Biathlon World Cup season

On Saturday, March 9, at the eighth stage of the Biathlon World Cup 2023/24 in the American Salt Lake City, the women's relay race took place.

Anastasia Merkushina, Yulia Jima, Kristina Dmitrenko and Irina Petrenko performed for the Ukrainian team. The “blue-yellows” finished in seventh position.

At the starting stage, Merkushina used two additional rounds and passed the baton in tenth place.

At the second stage, Jima also made two mistakes, but was able to win back three positions.

At the third stage, Dmitrenko improved her position Ukrainian team one more place and passed the baton to sixth.

At the last stage, Petrenko dropped one place, so in the end our team finished the race seventh.

Norway won the women's relay. Germany took second place, and Sweden rounded out the top three.

Biathlon World Cup 2023/24: results of the women's relay in Salt Lake City

1. Norway (0+5) 1:04:15.5

2. Germany (0+7) +17.2

3. Sweden (0+10)+42.0

4. Austria (0+5) +1:36.0

5. Czech Republic (2+6) +1:40.5

6. France (2+10) +2:01.8

7. Ukraine (0+6) +2:17.8

We would like to add that the men's sprint race will begin at midnight in Salt Lake City, where Ukraine will be represented by Taras Lesyuk, Dmitry Pidruchny, Anton Dudchenko, Artem Prima and Vitaly Mandzyn .

Where to watch the Biathlon World Cup races

In Ukraine, all Biathlon World Cup races will be broadcast on the Suspilne Sport website, as well as on local TV channels Suspilne broadcasting (Suspilne Kiev, Suspilne Poltava, etc.).

You can also watch the races on the online television platformKyivstar TVon the Suspilne Kyiv channel. And with the promotional code TSNUA, get premium access to the film and television platform for 7 days.


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