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Missed penalty and deletion: “Minaj” made a comeback in the match with “Alexandria” (video)

ByИван Дунаев

Apr 1, 2024

 Missed penalty and deletion: Minaj made a comeback in the match with Alexandria (video)

The teams played an eventful match, in which the winner was not determined.

Minayand Alexandria tied in the match of the22nd round of the Ukrainian Premier -league (UPL). The meeting at the Minai Arena ended with the score 2:2.

The guests could have taken the lead at the start of the meeting, but the goal of Andrey Kulakov in the 10th minute it was canceled due to offside.

The first half ended without goals. At the beginning of the second half of the match, Ruslan Rotan's team managed to hit the goal of the Transcarpathian club twice. In the 51st minute, Kulakov scored, and seven minutes later, Vladislav Kalitvintsev scored.

However, Zeljko Ljubenovic’s team quickly found the strength to reduce the gap. In the 63rd minute, this was done by Denis Ustimenko.

Soon, the Alexandrians had a great chance to regain their two-goal handicap, but in the 68th minute, Kirill Kovalets missed the penalty, shooting wide of the goal from the 11-meter mark.

In the 75th minute, the Transcarpathians punished the opponent for such a waste. The score in the match was equalized by Egor Gunichev.

After another four minutes, Rotan’s team remained in the minority. Kovalets received a second yellow card and was sent off. After that, the score did not change until the final whistle.

Review of the match “Minaj” – “Alexandria”

After this match, “Minaj” (14 points) remained in last place in the UPL. “Alexandria” (24 points) is in 11th position.

In the next round of the Ukrainian championship, the Transcarpathians will host “Polesie” on April 8, and the Alexandrians will play “Chernomorets” on the road the day before.


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