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The Chernomorets coach did not return from training camp in Ukraine and fled abroad – the club made an official statement

ByИван Дунаев

Mar 14, 2024

 The Chernomorets coach did not return from the training camp to Ukraine and fled abroad - the club made an official statement

The physical training coach of the Odessa club Igor Kasyanenko decided not to return to their homeland, but to move to Miami.

The physical training coach of Chernomorets Odessa Igor Kasyanenko did not return to Ukraine from training fees in Turkey.

According to Sport.ua, at the beginning of January 2024, he and the “sailors” team went to a training camp in Turkey, from where he did not return to his homeland.

Unlike the other members of the Odessa team, who did not neglect issued by the Ministry of Youth and Sports with permission to travel abroad during martial law in Ukraine, the native of Lugansk went to the USA, where he intends to stay in Miami with his family.

We add that Kasyanenko joined the head coach's staff ” sailors” by Roman Grigorchuk at the beginning of 2022 and spent exactly two years in Odessa.

The press service of Chernomorets has already confirmed the information about the flight of the physical training coach abroad.

“The football club “Chernomorets” informs the sports community and fans about the event that took place when the team returned home from Turkey. One of the representatives of the club, who spent all the time with the football club at the training camp, took full part in the preparation process, did not show up at the airport city ​​of Antalya, when the team was flying to Chisinau airport. We are talking about physical training coach Igor Kasyanenko, a ticket for him was purchased, but he was not on the plane at the time of departure.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine about this case informed. All the details were brought to the attention of the responsible structure. The management of FC Chernomorets condemns such an act of its now former representative. But there is no way to influence such a decision, although there was an attempt at adequate dialogue on the part of the club – in response they were faced with the dishonesty of the person.

However, the club may influence the future career of the fugitive. The management of FC Chernomorets initiated the process of revoking Kasyanenko’s coaching license. Anyone who deceived the club, his immediate supervisor, the team’s head coach (Kasyanenko came to Chernomorets at the beginning of 2022) has no right to remain in football. Those who hired Kasyanenko should know about his ability to cheat,” says a message on the official Telegram channel of the Odessa club.

Kasyanenko is probably now in Miami. Local football club Dade County ” officially announced a training program for players under 23 under the leadership of Kasyanenko, who was called a “world-class coach”

Recall that earlier two representatives of Kryvyi Rih “Krivbass” did not return to Ukraine from Sweden after the women's team's away match in the League champions – SMM specialist Roman Lopatin and photographer Roman Medvedev. And Shakhtar Donetsk player Alexander Rosputko fled to Russia after the UEFA Youth League match in Belgium.


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