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“Ukraine is a shield for all of Europe”: Zinchenko made a statement about the war against the Russian Federation before the match with Iceland

Alexander once again called for international community to support Ukrainians in the fight against the aggressor.

Ukrainian national team midfielder Alexander Zinchenko shared his expectations from the final match of the play-off selection for Euro 2024 > with the Icelandic team.

The London Arsenal footballer spoke about the preparation of the “blue-yellows” for the decisive match for access to the continental championship, and also raised the topic of the war in Ukraine, once again calling on the world to help stop the Russian aggression.

“The preparations are going well, we will see what we can demonstrate on the football field, because practice is one thing, and playing is another. We need to confirm our status, because I believe that we have a very good team, good players. We must show your best game.

During preparation we are more focused on our game. Yes, we analyzed the Icelandic team, saw its strengths and weaknesses. We'll see how it all ends. Icelanders love to play with four at the back and love to operate on counterattacks. There are players you need to pay attention to. But first of all, you need to build on your game, and then we’ll see.

I believe that with our support in the stands, we can do anything. We were told that the stadium would be full, which was very nice. The support of our fans always helps.

Of course, we need to say every day that Ukraine needs world support, we need to shout about it. We need to remind people, because perhaps some people forget about this. As I said earlier, Ukraine today is a shield for the whole of Europe. Because today there is war in our country, and tomorrow it may be in your country. Therefore, we need to support each other. Good always triumphs over evil,” the official website of the UAF quotes Zinchenko as saying.

The match between Ukraine and Iceland will take place on Tuesday, March 26, at the Tarczynski Arena Wroclaw stadium in Wroclaw, Poland. The starting whistle will sound at 21:45 Kiev time.

Text online broadcast of the match Ukraine – Iceland is available on our website.

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