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“Zarya” in the minority held a draw against “Alexandria” in the 19th round of the UPL (video)

Teams were unable to print the goal against each other friend.

Alexandriaplayed a draw with Zorya in the home match of the 19th round of the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL). The match at the Nika stadium in Alexandria ended with the score 0:0.

During the entire game, the home team made 11 shots against the opponent’s 8 (on target – 2:2) , however, neither team was able to score.

Note that in the 72nd minute the Luhansk team remained in the minority – the Brazilian Jordan received the second yellow card.

However, Ruslan Rotan's team failed to take advantage of the numerical advantage to snatch victory.

Review of the match “Alexandria” – “Zarya”

After this match, “Alexandria” (18 points) takes 11th place in the UPL standings. “Zarya” (16 points) is in 12th position.

In the next round of the domestic championship, “Alexandria” will play with “Polesie” on March 9, and “Zarya” will meet with “Minai” on March 7.

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