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“Zorya” defeated “Vorskla” in the match of the 18th round of the UPL – the Poltava team finished the game with ten men (video)

Yakov's goal Bashicha brought the Luhansk team victory over the Poltava club.

Zaryabeat Vorsklain the match of the 18th round of the Ukrainian Premier League (UPL). The match took place in Zhitomir and ended with the score 1:0.

The only goal in this meeting was scored at the end of the first half. After a corner kick in the 37th minute, Eduardo Guerrero did not hit the ball properly, but the Croatian newcomer of the Luhansk club Jakov Basic, in his debut match, headed the goal from close range.

The Poltava team had to finish the match in the minority – in the 70th minute Ilya Krupsky received a red card.

Review of the match “Zorya” – “Vorskla” “

This victory allowed the Luhansk team to leave the zone of transition matches for maintaining their registration in the UPL and rise to the top spot with 15 points 12th place. “Vorskla” (23 points) is in eighth position.

In the next round, “Zarya” will play against “Alexandria” on March 3, and the Poltava team will meet “Veres” the day before.

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