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Poland about airspace violation: Russian missile was in the sky for 3 minutes

 Польша о нарушении воздушного пространства: российская ракета была в небе 3 минуты

Photo: Commander of the Operational Armed Forces, Major General Maciej Klisz (Getty Images) Author: Natalia Kawa

An unknown object that flew into Polish airspace during Russia's morning attack on Ukraine stayed there for about 3 minutes.

The commander of the Operational Armed Forces, Major General Maciej Klisz, spoke about this, RBC-Ukraine reports with reference to Wiadomości and Polsat News.

According to him, the missile flew about 40 kilometers into Polish territory, and its course was monitored using radars.

Poland also announced that it had decided to track the missile’s flight path on the ground. However, they noted that “this is just a technique that needs to be treated with caution.”

“The option that I propose from a military point of view is for the missile to leave Poland. The object was in Poland for less than 3 minutes, approximately 40 km of airspace violation. It was tracked along the entire flight path,” Maciej Klisz said. .

Polsat News later reported that, according to unofficial information, the missile that flew into Polish territory could have been an X-22 or an X-101. At the same time, the missile was supposed to fly along the Polish border and violate the country's airspace.

What preceded

In the morning, the operational command of the Polish Armed Forces announced a violation of airspace by an unidentified object during a Russian terrorist attack against Ukraine.

As Air Force Speaker Yuriy Ignat noted, the violation of airspace is a signal to the allies of the need to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense.

In Poland, it was suggested that Russian troops could deliberately conduct operations or shelling near the Ukrainian-Polish border, since there are no troop groups located there.

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