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The government has maintained a preferential price for electricity for the population: how much should you pay?

 Правительство сохранило льготную цену на электроэнергию для населения: сколько нужно платить

Photo: Prime Minister Denis Shmygal (Vitaly Nosach, RBC-Ukraine) Author: Natalya Kava

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has extended electricity tariffs for the population until the end of April next year.

As RBC-Ukraine reports, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal announced this on his Telegram channel.

“The government continues the preferential price for electricity for the population until the end of April next year,” he said.

He stated that for household consumers the price of electricity will continue to be 2.64 UAH per kW/h. This will make it possible not to increase the burden on the budget of Ukrainians during the heating season.

The situation with electricity in Ukraine

Let us remind you that on July 1, electricity tariffs for businesses were significantly raised in Ukraine. By decision of NEURC the maximum price was increased.

RBC-Ukraine also explained that Ukrainians can switch to a two-zone or three-zone tariff in order to pay less for electricity.

On December 7, Ukrenergo announced the involvement of emergency assistance from Slovakia, Romania and Poland from 11:00 to 19:00 with a capacity of 700 MW to balance the Ukrainian energy system and avoid blackouts.

It was also noted that consumption limits were not introduced in Ukraine, shutdown schedules were also not introduced, and as of noon, they were not forecast.

For more information about the risks of power outages due to new massive attacks by infidels on the energy system, read the RBC-Ukraine article “What awaits Ukraine in the fall and winter? Three scenarios for the development of the situation in the energy system.”

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