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Twitter experienced a massive outage

 В Twitter произошел масштабный сбой

Photo: Twitter experienced a massive outage on December 21 (Getty Images) Author: Natalya Yurchenko

A large-scale failure occurred in the work of the social network Twitter (X). Users cannot view posts.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Downdetector service.

On the morning of December 21, Twitter users began to complain about problems with the social network. In particular, publications in a personal profile and in general on the feed are not displayed.

 В Twitter произошел масштабный сбой

screenshot from downdetector.com

In addition, users cannot see their posts that have just been published. Difficulties are being recorded all over the world.

 В Twitter произошел масштабный сбой

The reason for the large-scale failure on Twitter is still unknown, as is the time frame for when the social network will start working.

Updated at 9:15

The social network Twitter has resumed operation after a major outage. Users can view the feed and see posts.

Twitter Innovation

Recently, many innovations have appeared on the social network Twitter (now X). So, the developers decided to remove the ability to block users. When exactly this will happen is still unknown.

At the same time, Twitter will allow you to hide your likes, but the function will be available only to paid users.

Let us add that the owner of the social network, Elon Musk, called artificial intelligence a real threat to the modern world. But recently it became known that he is going to launch his own ChatGPT on the social network Twitter.

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