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WhiteBIT will list hryvnia stablecoin UAHg

 WhiteBIT залистит гривневый стейблкоин UAHg

Photo: WhiteBIT will list the hryvnia stablecoin UAHg (press service) Author: Sergey Novikov

The WhiteBIT crypto exchange adds the first Ukrainian stablecoin – UAHg – to the list of available assets.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the company's message.

UAHg is a stablecoin pegged to the Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) in a 1:1 ratio, created to support Ukrainian crypto projects and represent the value of the hryvnia on the global crypto market. Released on the Ethereum, Tron and BNB chain infrastructure.

As the company notes, UAHg’s mission is to provide a convenient and transparent transfer of virtual assets, expand their practical application, and avoid the risks of loss of value and liquidity.

The project focuses on creating a hryvnia cryptoinfrastructure, where transactions can be carried out directly in hryvnia, avoiding double conversion.

One of the first stablecoins will become available to users of the WhiteBIT exchange, namely from December 18, 2023. Main functions of UAHg:

  • Represents the hryvnia on the global crypto market;
  • maintains a stable 1:1 ratio with the Ukrainian hryvnia;
  • Enables secure storage, transmission and exchange on different platforms;
  • Used as a convenient means of payment and value transfer;
  • Functions as an effective means of storing value.

UAHg gives access to digital assets to a wide range of users.

“Despite the fact that there is a full-scale war in Ukraine, WhiteBIT is taking another big step to develop the Ukrainian crypto community by adding UAHg to the exchange. UAHg does not include any additional costs or commissions. Thanks to the blockchain infrastructure, businesses will be able to use UAHg to launch new innovative products and attracting additional investments. WhiteBIT, in turn, continues to provide its users with access to the best products and service solutions,” said WhiteBIT founder Vladimir Nosov.

Let us remind you that WhiteBIT is one of the largest European centralized crypto exchanges, originally from Ukraine, founded in 2018. The exchange features more than 350+ trading pairs, 270+ assets and 10+ government currencies.

WhiteBIT, together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, created an “Educational project on cryptoliteracy and blockchain” on the Diya.Osvita portal.

The company is also a partner of the Ukrainian national football team, football clubs Barcelona and Trabzonspor.

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