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Zelensky visited the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Avdiivka

 Зеленский посетил позиции ВСУ в Авдеевке

Photo: President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky visited Avdiivka (Office of the President) Author: Vladimir Kostyrin

President Vladimir Zelensky today, December 29, visited Avdiivka in the Donetsk region, which has been actively attacked by Russian occupiers for several months. The head of state, in the positions of Ukrainian defenders, discussed the current situation and the needs of the fighters.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Zelensky’s video message.

“Avdeevka. I visited the positions of the 110th separate mechanized brigade named after Coronate General Mark Bezruchko. One of the most difficult sectors of the front,” the president said.

Zelensky added that he also thanked the Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers personally. In particular, he awarded the best soldiers with state awards and presented the “Golden Star” of the Hero of Ukraine to junior sergeant Igor Tymoshchuk.

“We discussed with the commander the defensive situation, basic needs… I thank everyone on the front line for their service, for this year, which the whole country survived thanks to such soldiers. To those who defend our state, no matter what. To those who every day gives a combat result,” the message says.

Details of Zelensky's visit to Avdiivka

The presidential press service said that Zelensky, during a trip to the Donetsk region, visited the forward control and observation post of the 110th Separate Infantry Brigade named after Coroner General Mark Bezruchko, located in Avdievka.

“The head of state heard a report from the brigade commander, Hero of Ukraine Nikolai Chumak, on the operational situation in the direction and the course of defense operations. According to the brigade commander, the Russian invaders do not spare people, but our defenders hold their positions firmly and even take enemy soldiers prisoner,” it says in the publication.

Zelensky visited the positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters in Avdiivka on December 29 (photo: Office of the President)

Zelensky asked the military about their basic needs, among which the most frequently mentioned was the need to replenish the personnel and resources of the RES. At the same time, the fighters noted a significant improvement in the supply of drones recently, the OP added.

It is also noted that junior sergeant Igor Tymoshchuk, who was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine and to whom Zelensky awarded the Order of the Golden Star, personally plans, leads and participates in assault operations. The Office said that groups under his leadership repeatedly destroyed the occupying forces, captured enemy soldiers, and regained control over positions.

“Thanks to the successful restoration of lost defensive positions, Igor Tymoshchuk prevented the enemy from breaking through to Avdievka, which ensured the retention of an important line for the country’s defense,” the message says.

Also, the Presidential Honors “Cross of Military Merit” was awarded to Senior Lieutenant Evgeny Baykov, who received the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, 3rd degree, and the Order of Courage, 3rd degree.

In addition, for the safety of personnel, the President handed over awards for presentation to military personnel at their locations.

Zelensky visited the positions of the defenders of Avdiivka and presented awards (photo: Office of the President)

The situation in Avdeevka

Let us remind you that the Russian occupiers intensified fighting in the Avdeevka area in early October. This offensive is considered the largest since 2014.

Just a month ago, British intelligence reported that Russian attacks on Avdeevka increased the aggressor country's losses by 90%. At the same time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced huge losses of the invaders – they were left without 6,500 soldiers in the Avdiivka area alone since October 10.

Let us add that according to the White House, as of mid-December, Russian terrorists suffered more than 13 thousand casualties along the Avdeevka-Novopavlovka axis. In particular, our soldiers destroyed more than 220 combat vehicles.

Yesterday, December 28, the Ukrainian Ground Forces said that Ukrainian defenders had regained their previously lost position in the Avdiivka direction.

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