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A donor bus for collecting blood started operating in Lviv

A donation bus started to collect blood in Lvov blood

Photo A mobile collection point for donated blood began operating in Lviv – This is a specially equipped bus. First stop – near the Lviv Opera House, where more than fifty people were able to donate blood and get tickets to the performance.

The First Medical Association of Lviv reports this on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

“The donor bus is, first of all, convenience and efficiency. Those people who do not have time to come to a stationary blood service center can become donors at a mobile point. It's simple: our team comes to the institution and takes blood. We are very pleased with the first trip and hope that in the future we will be able to attract even more donors to save the lives of Ukrainians together,” said Yuriy Kobetsky, head of the City Blood Service Center.

Everyone had the opportunity to donate blood in the very center near the Opera House. The townspeople actively joined this donation. In just three hours, 52 donors had donated blood. Today, not only pre-registered donors, but also passers-by donated blood. They all received a reward – tickets for the play “Stolen Happiness” to the Lviv National Opera and Ballet Theater.

«Usually it’s not convenient for me to go to blood donation centers – because of the location. I saw an announcement on social networks that it would be possible to donate blood at the Opera House. I had free time, that’s why I came,” says donor Christina.

Mobile blood station or bloodmobile – This is a bus equipped with five donation chairs, a rest area, and refrigerators for storing blood. And the operation of such a mobile point is ensured by six specialists, in particular, a doctor and two nurses.

As Ukrinform reported, American charitable organizations donated a laboratory bus for blood sampling to the First Medical Association of Lviv.

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