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A modern angiograph was installed in a hospital in the Sumy region


Mar 6, 2024


The installation of the modern Azurion 5 M20 angiographic system has been completed at the Shostka Central District Hospital.

According to the Ministry of Health, medical equipment was purchased within the framework of joint projects of the Ministry of Health and the World Bank, Ukrinform reports.

“The Shostka Central District Hospital provides specialized multidisciplinary medical care, including to patients with stroke, around the clock. Medical care is provided to them using conservative (non-surgical) treatment methods. Thanks to the emergence of the latest equipment, doctors at medical institutions will be able to use surgical interventions, expand the scope and improve the quality of care for patients with diseases of the cerebrovascular system, primarily. in cases of acute conditions, the message says.

An angiograph allows you to examine and treat pathologies of blood vessels of various organs and systems, and also determines the location of narrowing, blockage or dilation of blood vessels, the presence of internal bleeding and other processes and diseases that cannot be detected in any other way. This will help specialists provide medical care to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible and will save more than one human life.

Today, the Shostka Central District Hospital provides multidisciplinary specialized medical care to residents of the northern region of Sumy region. About 200 thousand residents are covered by medical services in the hospital.

Every year, 12.5 thousand patients are treated in the inpatient departments of the hospital. During the year, 1.2 thousand patients with cerebrovascular diseases need medical care, of which about 400 patients are people with acute cerebrovascular accident.

Currently, the installation of an angiograph has already been completed in the hospital, and the hospital's medical team will undergo appropriate training and will be ready to work with the new equipment after receiving a license for its operation from the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Research.

As reported, a modern angiograph was recently installed at the Danube Regional Hospital and the department of endovascular interventions will soon be operational.

Photo: Ministry of Health


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