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A posthumous donor from the Khmelnitsky region saved the lives of four people


Mar 18, 2024

Photo The woman, who was declared brain dead by doctors at the Shepetivka Multidisciplinary Hospital, became a donor for four young people with the consent of her relatives.

Valeriy Sivokonyuk, head of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care at the Shepetivka Multidisciplinary Hospital in the Khmelnitsky region, told an Ukrinform correspondent about this.

According to him, a local resident suffered a traumatic brain injury when she fell from her bicycle. She was operated on by neurosurgeons, and the staff of the anesthesiology and intensive care department desperately fought for life. However, the injury caused irreparable damage to the brain.

A posthumous donor from the Khmelnytsky region saved the lives of four people

“The patient was declared brain dead. But the heart, both kidneys and liver were alive. And this is a chance to save four more lives. “Many thanks to the relatives of this woman, who gave permission to remove organs,” said Sivokonyuk.

A posthumous donor from the Khmelnitsky region saved the lives of four people

The doctor noted that the removal of organs from the donor was carried out by teams of specialists from Kyiv and Lvov with the participation of local ones: vascular surgeon Dmitry Shatravin and transplant coordinators Roman Romanyuk and Oksana Levchuk. Such an operation, Sivokonyuk noted, was performed at the Shepetivka Hospital for the first time. Lviv doctors immediately took the kidneys and liver for transplantation to recipients, and the heart — capital.

The operation was led by the director of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health, Boris Todurov. According to him, this case is unique, since for the first time a donor heart had to be transported more than three hundred kilometers.

“ We used a new Stanford technique for storing a donor heart. And, as we see, quite successfully,” Todurov commented on Facebook. As reported, the first heart transplant was performed in Kamenets-Podilskyi in the Khmelnytskyi region. em>Photo from Valeriy Sivokonyuk’s Facebook page


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