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Another mental health center opened in the Rivne region


Mar 20, 2024

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Photo In the village of Goshcha in the Rivne region, thanks to the support of the Ukrainian-Swiss project MH4U, a Mental Health Center was officially opened.

As Ukrinform reports, Chairman of the Rivne Regional Council Andriy Karaush announced this in a Telegram.

«Now there is a mental health center in Goshcha, today it was officially opened thanks to support from the Ukrainian-Swiss project MH4U.” , – the message says.

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As noted, the Center has formed a team of a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist and social worker. The partners took care of material support and preparation.

You can contact the Center either with or without a referral from a family doctor or specialist. This is all anonymous, both individual and group psychotherapy are provided.

Another Mental Health Center has been opened in the Rivne region

“In such centers we are moving away from the unpleasant post-Soviet idea of ​​​​providing mental health care. We — one of the four regions where they do this, noted the chairman of the regional council.

Karaush recalled that in January a similar center was opened in Varash.

<img title="Another one was opened in the Rivne region Mental Health Center" src="https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/d69c67c75a270445aed0f8a4c61255ce.jpg" alt="Another Mental Health Center opened in Rivne region As Ukrinform reported, the opening of a Mental Health Center took place in Varash on the basis of a local multidisciplinary hospital. This center appeared thanks to the Ukrainian-Swiss project "Mental Health for Ukraine" (MH4U).

The Rivne Regional Council signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ukrainian-Swiss project “MH4U” on January 23, 2024 ;, supporting the reform of the mental health system in Ukraine. On February 1, 2024, the next stage of the project will start, which will last until the end of 2027.

Photo: Official Telegram channel of the Chairman of the Rivne Regional Council Andrey Karausha



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