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Breast cancer tumor monitoring device being developed in Britain

<img title="A device for monitoring breast cancer tumors is being developed in Britain" src=" Scientists from Nottingham Trent University (UK) are developing a device that fits inside a bra and can monitor whether a breast cancer tumor is growing.

As reported by Ukrinform, The Guardian reports.

Researchers hope the device will provide a new non-invasive method for detecting tumor growth , which patients can use “in the comfort of home.”

< It is noted that the device itself will use an electrical current to scan and detect small changes in fluid inside and outside breast cells.

Because tumor tissue is more denser than healthy tissue and containing less water, the device will be able to measure tumor changes and growth in real time down to 2mm.

The researchers say the device could be inserted into a patient's bra or a new bra could be developed with built-in a device that will record data and send it to the user and their healthcare team via a smartphone.

The team of researchers aims to begin clinical trials of the device within the next few years.

According to Cancer Research, There are over 55,000 new cases of breast cancer and over 11,000 deaths in the UK each year. Among new cases, about 23% can be prevented.

As Ukrinform reported, researchers from the Technical University of Denmark have developed an artificial intelligence system capable of predicting the death of people.

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