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In Lviv, a plastic surgeon from Turkey performed 12 complex operations on children with facial defects

Photo The famous Turkish plastic surgeon Hakan Agir examined 25 and operated on 12 children at the St. Nicholas Hospital in Lviv.

The First Medical Association of Lvov reported this on Facebook, reports Ukrinform.

“One of the main problems in the treatment of children with congenital facial defects in Ukraine – this is the lack of timely diagnosis and a developed network of medical institutions throughout the country that could guide the patient through the process of identifying the defect, creating a multi-year plan for correction, and ending with a number of necessary surgical interventions. Only Kyiv is not enough here. This should be the case at least in the largest regional centers. And I’m here at St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital to share my many years of experience with your wonderful team, help set up work, present world-recognized treatment protocols and intervention techniques,” said Hakan Agir.

During a visit to Lviv, together with a team of Ukrainian doctors, a foreign specialist worked with many complex cases: clefts of the soft and hard palate, drooping eyelids, congenital deformities of the ears and nose. A total of 12 operations were performed and 25 consultations were carried out.

Hakan Agir is a respected specialist in his native Turkey and Europe. He is a professor of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Doctor of Medical Sciences, as well as the chief physician of the Department of Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Acibadem Clinic (Turkey).

For the first time, the doctor began to come to Ukraine even before the full-scale invasion, and since 2022 he has been constantly visiting Dnieper, Kharkov and Lviv. Just last year he spent about four months in Ukraine, in 2024. already a month. Doctor Agir helps not only Ukrainian children, but also wounded military and civilians. He always comes on his own initiative and without the support of any organizations, because he is sure that his mission– despite the war, help maintain the sustainability of Ukrainian medicine and develop the field of plastic surgery.

During his fifth visit to Lviv, the top specialist also examined the children whom he operated on during his first mission– in October last year.

As Ukrinform reported, in the First Medical Center from facial muscle plastic surgery, during which doctors restored beauty to a woman from the Lugansk region, whose face was disfigured by Russian ammunition.

Photo: Facebook/First Medical Association of Lvov

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