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In Ukraine, doctors discovered 78 cases of cancer during on-site examinations


Feb 19, 2024

Photo As part of World Cancer Day, doctors conducted a number of on-site examinations of Ukrainians and discovered 78 cases of oncology.

As Ukrinform reports, the Ministry of Health reported this on Facebook.

“Doctors have identified 78 cases of cancer. In particular, melanomas, breast cancer and malignancies. This means that 78 Ukrainians had the opportunity to start treatment and save their lives, because timely diagnosis is almost the main guarantee of the ability to break cancer plans,” the message says.

In total, 20,000 citizens were examined , more than a thousand of whom were referred for additional examinations.

The Ministry of Health notes that in order to prevent cancer or early detection of the disease, you need to consult with a family doctor at least once a year. He will tell you what preventive examinations and consultations with specialists you need based on your age and state of health, and will give appropriate referrals, if necessary.

In addition, the ministry reminded that the most important examinations and laboratory tests for cancer detection and treatment can be done free of charge under the medical guarantee program This is, in particular, mammography, test for occult blood in feces, Pap test, colonoscopy, dermatoscopy of atypical moles, etc. >

Photo: Ternopil Regional Central Pediatric Surgery Clinic


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