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Japan will stop treating COVID-19 for free

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Starting next month, the Japanese will no longer be able to receive free treatment for COVID-19.

As Ukrinform reports, Xinhua writes about this.

“The Japanese government has decided to stop subsidizing drugs against COVID-19 and hospitalization starting next month,” the material says.

<p It is noted that the Japanese must now pay out of their own pockets for treatment for COVID-19, according to their income. This system applies to most common ailments in Japan.

Xinhua recalls that the Japanese government introduced 100% coverage for treatment costs for COVID-19 in 2021, but subsequently returned a small fee (from 20 to 60 dollars) per course.

After the abolition of subsidies, the price of a course of treatment for an ordinary Japanese will increase at least three times.

The government will also deprive medical institutions of additional payments that “booked” hospital beds for patients with COVID-19.

As Ukrinform reported, 17 strains of coronavirus are currently circulating in Ukraine, including a new strain – “Jenny”.


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