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Lviv doctors operated on a girl with rare Pierre-Robin syndrome


Mar 15, 2024

Photo Little Transcarpathian Emilia was born with Pierre-Robin syndrome and a cleft of the soft and hard palate. Surgeons from Lviv Okhmatdyt successfully operated on the girl and normalized her condition.

The Center for Children's Medicine reports this on Facebook. Hospital “Okhmatdyt”, reports Ukrinform.

“The situation was very difficult”: a multidisciplinary team of doctors from the Center for Children's Medicine, Okhmatdyt Hospital carried out a successful surgical intervention and further treatment, which lasted more than a year, for little Emilia with rare Pierre-Robin syndrome and a cleft of the soft and hard palate, the message says.

It is noted that the family arrived to Lviv from Transcarpathia immediately after the birth of Emilia for the treatment of maxillofacial defect.

P&L Robert syndrome occurs with a frequency of 1 case in 10 – 30 thousand newborns. Such defects cause asphyxia in the child. Doctors decided to install a tracheostomy for the baby for better and easier breathing.

“Children with this diagnosis have a swallowing disorder. Consequently, they can swallow well 1-2 times, and the next time liquid or food enters the respiratory tract. When this happens, aspiration pneumonia develops. The child was in intensive care on a ventilator because he was admitted in extremely serious condition. We eliminated this aspiration syndrome (presence of food in the respiratory tract). Then the child ate only through a nasogastric tube, a tube inserted into the stomach through the nose. She lived with this tube for 10 months,” said thoracic surgeon Oleg Lenov.

“From birth she could not breathe on her own, her tongue sunk in and blocked the airway, the child had to lie on her stomach all the time, this made breathing a little easier,” said maxillofacial surgeon Kristina Pogranichnaya.

At 9 months, Emilia Pogranichnaya, together with her American colleague Mark Gnatyuk, surgeon Roman Ogonovsky and anesthesiologists, performed a successful operation to close the palate gorge.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary teamwork of maxillofacial specialists rehabilitation, feeding and swallowing specialists at the Center were able to find the optimal time for the operation. Then establish independent feeding by resuscitating the sucking reflex. Two months after the operation, the child was gradually decannulated, that is, the tracheostomy tube was removed. In the future, Emilia will be under constant medical supervision.

As Ukrinform reported, in the Lviv Okhmatdyt, specialists from Ukraine and the United States successfully performed an operation to form the palate from the cheek of 11-year-old Ilya u > from the Khmelnitsky region, suffering from congenital facial deformation.


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