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Lviv doctors perform plastic surgery on a resident of the Kherson region, who was shot in the face by a Russian soldier


Mar 25, 2024

Photo: Specialists of the “Indestructible” Center (UNBROKEN) – within the framework of the joint social project “Not (K) beauty” with L&Oreal – they will perform plastic surgery on a resident of the Kherson region, Irina Slinkova, who was shot in the face by a Russian soldier.

The press service of the First Medical Association of Lvov reported this to an Ukrinform correspondent.

«Rescuers managed to take out the wounded woman, and Nikolaev doctors performed the operations necessary to save life and installed a plate in the damaged part of the face. But Mrs. Irina wanted more – aesthetics. Therefore, her friends, who accidentally learned about the social project “Not (K) Beauty,” advised her to seek help from the National Rehabilitation Center “Indestructible,” the medical institution said.

The patient is 63-year-old Irina Slinkova from the village of Kardashinka on left bank of the Kherson region.

This woman was injured three times as a result of the Russian invasion. The first time was when the enemy occupied her village. The second time was when the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station blew up and large waters swallowed up her house. The third time, when Ukrainian rescuers evacuated a woman by boat, the Russians opened fire on them and hit Irina right in the face. She instantly lost an eye. The bullet also hit soft tissue and broke bones in the nose and under the eye socket.

During the first stage of treatment in Lvov, they decided to solve not so much a cosmetic problem as a physical one. The woman had difficulty breathing because the postoperative scar was pressing on her nasal membrane. To correct this, doctors performed an intervention called lipofilling.

“We took the patient’s own fat cells, processed them and filled the deficit in facial tissue volume in combination with polynucleotides intradermally, and then polished the scar,” said the head of the plastic surgery department of the Indestructible Center. Dmitry Sichnenko.

The woman is currently recovering from surgery. Ahead of her are several more procedures for polishing scars and prosthetic eyes.

The medical institution reminds that each participant “(NOT) cares about beauty” receives absolutely free consultation and all the help she needs from qualified specialists in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, mental health and, if necessary, other doctors. All services: surgical interventions, scar polishing and cosmetic procedures are also free of charge. HAB | Lviv Habilitation Center” for veterans and civilians injured as a result of hostilities.

Photos provided by the press service of the First Medical Association of Lviv


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