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Lviv hospitals launched an emergency notification application for doctors


Mar 18, 2024

Photo An automated system for emergency calls to doctors will operate in the hospitals of the First Medical Association of Lvov – button

This medical association was reported on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

“For all this to work, just two gadgets are enough. This – phone and tablet. We provided all hospitals of the First TMO with everything necessary based on the number of departments and medical teams on duty. And they handed over 63 phones and 12 tablets,” said IT Cluster executive director Stepan Veselovsky.

An emergency notification application for doctors has been launched in Lviv hospitals

The first medical association of Lviv, together with Lviv IT Cluster, is implementing an automated notification system for doctors and medical staff, knopka. Her goal is; optimize, namely: simplify and speed up the work of doctors providing emergency care to patients.

knopka — an innovative system for calling and informing doctors about patients and their condition. Using a special mobile application, the doctor or nurse on duty in the emergency department can instantly call specialists from different departments. And also – inform doctors about an emergency consultation in cases where a patient is admitted in critical condition.

Lviv hospitals have launched an emergency medicine supplement

Project manager Ivan Osadchiy notes that the system was developed taking into account both the standards for providing urgent care to patients , as well as the convenience of the doctors themselves.

&laquo ;According to the protocol, medical care should begin to be provided to a patient in critical condition within five minutes. To facilitate the work of medical personnel, we created this unique system. Its mechanism is very simple: the patient enters the “red zone”, the doctor on duty presses a button on the tablet, and doctors from different departments receive a notification on their phones that they must be with the patient within five minutes. This helps improve the quality of emergency care for patients,” explains Osadchiy.

The system is being implemented in Lviv for the first time.

The system is being implemented in Lviv for the first time.

As Ukrinform reported, the St. Nicholas Children's Hospital in Lviv began operating a program to save children with a rare liver disease, Alagille syndrome.

Photo:  First Medical Association of Lviv



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