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Lviv surgeons removed a tumor inside the bone of a six-year-old boy

Photo At the St. Nicholas Hospital in Lviv, a tumor was removed from the bone of six-year-old Matvey. The void left by the tumor was filled with the child's eleventh rib, which has the ability to recover on its own.

The First Medical Association of Lvov reported this on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

«Lvov surgeons removed a tumor inside the bone of a six-year-old boy. A tumor that had grown in the tibia caused unbearable pain and could stop the growth of the leg, the message says.

Patient Matvey is from the Lviv region. In the fall, a boy was playing in the yard and hit his right leg. From this point on, the ending started to hurt. However, Matviyko admitted this to his parents only a few weeks after the blow, when swelling had already appeared on his lower leg. The parents went to the doctor. The x-ray showed with the naked eye that changes had occurred in the bone. But then the doctors did not find any acute surgical disease. Over time, the pain in the leg intensified, and the swelling increased and one day turned red – the family went to the hospital.

Specialists from the Children's Hospital of St. Nikolai underwent a CT scan and a preliminary diagnosis was made: a benign bone tumor. The tumor arose at the site of slaughter and grew not outward, but inside the bone. At the time of contacting the surgeons, it reached 6 cm. The child felt unbearable pain, because a considerable tumor blocked the bone marrow canal and increased the pressure in it. The limb could stop growing because the tumor is located close to the bone growth zone.

Surgeons at St. Children's Hospital Nikolai managed to completely remove the tumor. However, as expected, a defect appeared in its place. Simply put, a hole that needed to be closed. To artificially connect the bone, we used the boy's eleventh rib. It is a floating species and has the ability to recover on its own. Therefore, we filled the defect with the patient’s own bone chips. Thus, we were able to simultaneously remove the tumor and eliminate the defect that arose as a result of its removal,” said the medical director of the hospital, surgeon Alexander Kalinchuk, about the progress of the operation.

The intervention lasted about two hours and was successful. Now the boy is quickly recovering from the operation and is preparing to go to first grade in the fall.

As Ukrinform reported, surgeons at St. Nikolay in Lvov for the first time operated on an 11-year-old boy with oncology using the Da Vinci Si robotic system, which was donated by philanthropists.

Photo:  First Medical Association of Lvov, Facebook

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