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More than 169 thousand people suffer from epilepsy in Ukraine – NSZU


Mar 26, 2024

In Ukraine, more than 169 thousand adults and children have epilepsy.

Ukrinform was informed about this by the National Health Service of Ukraine.

«Epilepsy is a neurological disease that cannot be cured, but with regular use of the medicine, epileptic seizures can be controlled. According to the European Health Organization, there are 169,678 people diagnosed with epilepsy in Ukraine,” the message says.

As noted in the National Healthcare Institution, Ukrainians with epilepsy, mental and behavioral disorders can receive medications under the program « Available medicines” free of charge or with partial additional payment.

Currently, the reimbursement program includes 65 trade names of drugs for epilepsy, mental and behavioral disorders. Of these, 23 are free of charge, the rest – with partial additional payment.

The list of drugs can be viewed using the link: https://cutt.ly/nw9Fp72W

As of March 25, according to the National Health Service, 21,662 patients received medications under the reimbursement program. The most active redemption of e-prescriptions is in Lvovskaya (2236), Nikolaevskaya (2214). Dnepropetrovsk (2027), Vinnitsa (1132) and Odessa (1053) regions.

Patients with epilepsy can receive medications under the “Affordable Medicines” program. as prescribed by a neurologist, pediatric neurologist or psychiatrist, pediatric psychiatrist.

The neurologist requires an electronic referral, which can be issued by a family doctor, therapist or pediatrician with whom the declaration is concluded.

A referral is not required for a visit to a psychiatrist.

A specialist doctor will carry out everything necessary free of charge. examination to establish the diagnosis of “Epilepsy”. After this, he will draw up a treatment plan and enter it into the electronic health system and, based on the treatment plan, issue a prescription for “Available Medicines.” The second prescription for drugs can be written by either a neurologist or a psychiatrist, or a family doctor.

You can find the necessary medical institution on the National Healthcare Institution website on the “Concluded agreements” dashboard. Or by calling the NSZU hotline at 16-77 – the operator will tell you the nearest medical facility and its contacts. “Affordable medicine” prescriptions can be filled at your nearest participating pharmacy. The list of pharmacies can be found on the dashboard here.

As reported, March 26 is celebrated around the world as Epilepsy Day.


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