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More than 4,400 war-affected Ukrainians were evacuated abroad for treatment


Mar 9, 2024

More than 4,400 Ukrainians affected by the war were evacuated for treatment abroad, among them more than 600 children.

The Ministry of Health reported this, Ukrinform reports.

“In total, 4,417 citizens have already been evacuated, including patients with mine explosion injuries, those in need of prosthetics, and cancer patients. In addition, among the evacuees there are more than 600 children with injuries and cancer, the report says.

As noted by the Ministry of Health, more than 30 countries accepted Ukrainians for treatment, in particular Germany, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, etc.

The leading countries in terms of the number of evacuations carried out for our citizens include: Germany – 1078 people; Poland – 383 people; Norway – 347 people.

The Ministry of Health reminded that the attending physician or family doctor refers patients for treatment abroad based on established criteria. To confirm compliance with the criteria, you need to ask the doctor for completed form No. 027/o “Extract from the medical record of an outpatient (inpatient) patient.”

According to the evacuation algorithm, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine verifies the data and, through the emergency response system of the European Commission, promptly informs the EU and European Economic Area (EEC) countries about the need to evacuate Ukrainian citizens. Next, the partners accept the request from the Ministry of Health and provide proposals for the evacuation of citizens.

You can familiarize yourself with the criteria for sending Ukrainians for treatment abroad here.

Currently there are several medical evacuation routes for treatment abroad, and namely: through the regional health department; by submitting a personal application through the website of the Ministry of Health in the “Citizens” section; for military personnel – by applying for evacuation abroad through the command of the Medical Forces of Ukraine.

Evacuation flights for injured Ukrainians for treatment abroad are carried out by the Ministry of Health together with the European Commission, WHO and other partners.

<p How Ukrinform reported that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Superhumans Center signed an agreement to consolidate efforts to improve the quality of physical rehabilitation services, accessibility and quality of prosthetics for people affected by the war.

Photo: Ministry of Health


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