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NSZU will terminate the contract for the provision of medical services with the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center

Exclusive The National Health Service of Ukraine will terminate the contract for the provision of medical services with the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center due to non-compliance with the requirements.

The head of the NSZU Natalya Husak reported this in a comment to Ukrinform.

"We are preparing to terminate the first contract based on the results of monitoring by the NHSU. There are suppliers who deliberately misled the NHSU about their compliance with the NHSU requirements. We met with the founders of these medical institutions, in addition to the recount (for services provided – ed.), we handed over the results of monitoring to the National Police of Ukraine. And now all the documents are being prepared to terminate the agreement between the NHSU and the Kyiv Regional Perinatal Center regarding the provision of medical care under the Neonatal Care package,” said Gusak.

According to her, the main violation that was identified as a result of the monitoring – lack of necessary medical equipment that was supposed to save children.

“The violations found in this institution indicate their systematic nature and that the management of the institution needs to be more effective in meeting the requirements of the National Health Service. I think that it was precisely the ineffective activities of the management that led to the fact that a third-level medical institution will be left without a basic service for such institutions – neonatal care. This will be a significant precedent for other suppliers,” emphasized the head of the National Healthcare Institution.

At the same time, she noted that there is no talk yet that a repeated contract cannot be concluded with a medical institution if violations are corrected.


As reported, in 2023 the National Health Service carried out 9 monitoring visits to neonatal care and delivery services. Among the violations identified by the monitoring are the lack of necessary medical equipment, round-the-clock laboratory and diagnostic tests, and unreliable entry of data into the Unified Health System. Based on the monitoring results, recalculations were made to such suppliers for a total amount of UAH 99 million.

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