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Oral and maxillofacial surgeons from the USA arrived in Lviv to help children with facial defects

Photo Leading maxillofacial surgeons from the USA came to Lviv from the USA to help children with congenital facial defects.

About This is reported by the Lviv City Council, Ukrinform reports.

As noted, a famous surgeon from the United States of Ukrainian origin, Oksana Jackson, who received an award from the President for many years of assistance to Ukrainian children and wounded military personnel, a pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeon from a hospital in Philadelphia, David Lowe, and a plastic surgeon Natalia Biskup, came to Lviv.

At the St. Nicholas Children's Hospital of the First Medical Association of Lviv, American specialists, together with Ukrainian doctors, will operate and consult children with congenital defects, deformities and neoplasms of the face and body for several days.

In addition to consultations, doctors plan to perform more than 15 complex surgical interventions.

American doctors will begin the most complex ones. cases: cleft lips and palate, speech disorders due to cleft palate, Poland syndrome, deformities of the nose and ears, facial paralysis, burns, facial scars, lipomas, congenital nevi.

As Ukrinform reported, from February 26 to March 1, at the Lviv Center for Children's Medicine, Okhmatdyt Hospital, top pediatric maxillofacial surgeons from Ukraine and the United States will help patients with the most complex cleft lips and palates.

Photo: Lviv City Council

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