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Puerto Rico declares state of emergency due to dengue fever


Mar 26, 2024

Puerto Rico has declared a public health emergency due to dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease that has spread dramatically across the Americas this year.

This is reported by Bloomberg, Ukrinform reports.

Medical workers in Puerto Rico have discovered 549 cases of dengue, with almost half of the cases concentrated in the country's capital, San Juan. The island, which is a U.S. territory, is home to 3.2 million people.

“Dengue cases have exceeded historical records this year,” Health Minister Carlos Carlos Mellado said in a statement.

“Dengue cases have exceeded historical records this year.” p>

Mellado said the emergency declaration does not have a direct impact on travel to or from Puerto Rico, but it will make it easier for the health department to access funding to detect and prevent the disease.

Dengue can cause headaches pain, aches, fever and rashes – and, in extreme cases, death.

This year, large outbreaks of dengue fever have affected large parts of the Americas, including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Peru. Dengue prompted a mosquito-borne disease alert in parts of Florida last year. of which resulted in death.

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