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Summer time is more convenient for humans from a physiological point of view – expert


Mar 30, 2024


The so-called summer time, which Ukraine will switch to tomorrow, is most useful for human health and functioning according to natural rhythms.

A senior researcher at the Kiev Astronomical Observatory said this on the air of Ukrainian radio Taras Shevchenko National University, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Anatoly Kazantsev, reports Ukrinform.

The scientist recalled that they began to change clocks to summer time at the beginning of the 20th century to save electricity. previous standard time.

When, in 2021, a bill was considered to abolish the seasonal change of clocks, which was proposed to remain zone (winter) time, most experts said that if you leave one time, then it would be summer, it would be more convenient for a person, even from the point of view of physiology, Kazantsev noted.

“All organisms live behind the sun – they get up when the sun rises, they go to bed when it sets. Nocturnal creatures, on the contrary, live symmetrically relative to the middle of the daylight hours. Man is perhaps the only species on Earth that lives asymmetrically. In the summer we get up at 7, five hours before the middle of daylight, and go to bed on average at 23, that is, 13 hours after the middle. If it were summer time, then we would be talking about 6 and 12 hours, it would be a little easier and more symmetrical,” the scientist believes.

In addition, he noted that Ukraine is “stretched” almost exactly on one time zone – the second. "At every point in a time zone, all the clocks are in the middle of that zone. For example, Kyiv is exactly two hours from Greenwich. In the east, our country is “climbing” to the third time zone by about 15 minutes, and in the west, for example, in the Transcarpathian region – by 1.5 minutes. So, even from the point of view of geography, summer time will be better, because in the east there is a third time zone, this is plus one hour, and in the west it is almost the exact middle of this zone,” he said.

At the same time time, he said, Ukraine could switch to one time and remain on it, when this issue has been raised for eight to ten years. “Now, if Europe wants to move twice a year, then we have nowhere to go. This is now a political decision and Ukraine itself will not retain summer time if Europe does not do this,” Kazantsev said. As Ukrinform reported, on the night of Sunday, March 31, Ukraine will switch to summer time.

In March 2021, the Verkhovna Rada sent bill No. 4201 “On the calculation of time in Ukraine” for revision to the committee, which proposes to abolish seasonal clock changes and thus leave winter time in Ukraine.


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