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The first kidney transplant this year was performed in frontline Zaporozhye


Mar 5, 2024

Photo Zaporozhye doctors, despite the proximity of the front, continue to perform extremely complex operations that save people’s lives. In particular, the first kidney transplant this year was carried out.

A Ukrinform correspondent reports this.

The operation lasted about three hours. Doctors shared its details during a press conference.

“On February 22, specialists from the Department of Transplantation and Nephrology, led by head Nikolai Polyakov, performed the first kidney transplant in 2024. This is an extraordinary achievement for Zaporozhye. Tens of kilometers from the front, despite constant air raids, doctors from the region’s leading medical institution continue to save and improve the lives of their patients, and also carry out such complex operations,” the doctors noted.

Front-line Zaporizhzhia and carried out the first transplantation of nirka

The patient in question is a 37-year-old resident of the Volnyansky district. The man developed end-stage renal failure. This meant that he would no longer be able to live without renal replacement therapy. Therefore, he required either permanent dialysis or a related kidney transplant. The patient's 69-year-old mother agreed to become a donor.

“I suggested it to my son myself. She said: “Do you need a donor?” I'm ready.” I didn't even think about it. “I persuaded my son,” said Tatyana Drobonog.

The woman has already been discharged from the hospital. According to her, she feels good and is ready to do housework. The family has livestock and a vegetable garden.

“I am already running. I was discharged a few days ago. I tell the children that give me a rake, I’ll go to the city. My diet prohibits fried and, unfortunately, smoked foods. Well, I hope this won’t happen all the time,” the woman jokes.

In addition to Leonid, she has four more children, 10 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She said that other children, when they learned about the transplant, were ready to give a kidney to their brother.

“Each of the children said that they would give their own kidney, but I said that I was the first,” the woman added.

Leonid feels well and is also awaiting discharge.

Doctor Nikolai Polyakov explains that such patients can live a normal life, but for the rest of their lives they must be observed by doctors (doctors monitor the function of the transplanted organ) and take certain medications. In 2023, Polyakov performed 86 transplants – most often it was a kidney transplant. baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/c9ee04d934d61aa26d6d7bf3b4269daa.jpg” alt=”The first kidney transplant of this year was carried out in front-line Zaporozhye” />

At the front-line Smolienko, Ukrinform

The front-line Zaporizhzhia has Constipation Those who completed the first plant transplantation

“Transplantation returns people to a quality and fulfilling life. Transplant packages are included in the 2024 NHSU medical guarantee program. The Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital is contracted for a package of medical services for the treatment of adults and children using the transplantation method,” explained the deputy director of the hospital, Natalya Kogut.

According to her, the history of transplantations began in Zaporozhye. In 1992, the first kidney transplant was performed here, and in 1994, the first liver transplant in Ukraine.


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