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The Ministry of Economy and the Superhumans charitable foundation entered into a partnership agreement


Feb 19, 2024

Ministry of Economy and the charitable foundation “Superpeople” (Superhumans) have entered into a partnership and collaboration agreement to help reintegrate war veterans into civilian life and encourage them to start their own businesses.

As Ukrinform reports, the press service of the ministry reported this.

«Thanks to the Superhumans center, defenders who were wounded at the front have the opportunity to restore physical health and receive psychological help. In turn, the Ministry of Economy creates conditions and provides opportunities for their return to civilian life,” noted First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy Yulia Sviridenko.

According to the signed agreement, the Ministry of Economy will help attract donor funds to finance the Superhumans center, create a training center for veterans, as well as new prosthetics and rehabilitation centers in different regions of Ukraine.

The Superhumans Foundation will continue to provide prosthetics and reconstructive surgery and provide psychological support and rehabilitation to veterans. The Foundation will also help veterans who are undergoing treatment at the Superhumans Center receive all possible information and join government programs for reintegration into civilian life.

“It is important to help a person find new roles in civilian life, master new professions or open their own business. It is in this direction that Superhumans Center begins cooperation with the Ministry of Economy. This includes interaction with the employer in order to adapt jobs, and assistance in finding financing for one’s own business, and training courses,” said Olga Rudneva, CEO of Superhumans Center.

As the ministry recalled, to start or expand their business, veterans can become participants in the “Own Business” government grant program. and receive from 250 thousand to 1 million UAH. financing. In total, since the start of the veteran component of this program, 292 veterans and family members of combatants have already become winners, who will receive grants worth UAH 123 million. You can apply for a grant for veterans and members of their families through the “Action” portal.

In addition, training programs from partners are already running, where everyone can get advice or learn how to apply for a grant, write business plan or how to use funds effectively.

As reported, the Superpeople charity foundation funds the Superhumans Center, a non-profit center that provides free medical services in prosthetics, rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to people wounded during the war in Ukraine.

Superhumans is governed by an independent board of directors and a medical council. The board of the Superhumans project includes the first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya, and the medical council is the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko. The co-founders of the center are Ukrainian businessmen Andrey Stavnitser, Philip Grushko and CEO of the Center Olga Rudneva.

Photo: Ministry of Economy/Facebook


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