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The National Health Service has contracted 12 medical institutions for infertility treatment


Feb 25, 2024

The National Health Service has contracted 12 health facilities for the Infertility Guarantee Program package.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health, Ukrinform reports.

“The birth rate in Ukraine has been falling for several years now. The Great War made the situation worse. To help people who dream of experiencing the joy of fatherhood, this year we launched a program for treating infertility using assisted reproductive technologies. The corresponding package of services is included in the Medical Guarantee Program, which means they can be obtained free of charge in medical institutions that have a contract with the National Health Service. For one cycle of artificial insemination, the state will pay more than 60 thousand. This tariff is absolutely market-based and allows you to attract both public and private medical institutions. Currently, 12 medical institutions have been contracted. Despite the war, we are working to make modern, high-quality medical services more accessible to Ukrainian patients,” said Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko.

As noted by the Ministry of Health, infertility treatment is one of the priority areas in the Medical Guarantee Program (MGP). More than 1.87 billion has been allocated for this direction in the SMG-2024 budget, thanks to which it is planned to carry out 30 thousand cycles of infertility treatment. Taking into account the fact that the average success rate is about 30%, we can expect the birth of 10 thousand new Ukrainians.

Currently, 12 medical institutions that were recently contracted will provide free infertility treatment services under the Medical Guarantee Program National service. health of Ukraine, in the following areas:

  • Kiev region and Kiev: LLC “NADEZHDA”, LLC “HARMONY OF BEAUTY”, LLC “Medical Center “DOBROBUT-POLYCLINIC””, LLC “MIRUM”, LLC “Family Source” and LLC “NEOMED 2007” ;
  • Dnepropetrovsk region: LLC “ECODNEPR” and LLC “SKY-WINNER”.
  • Lviv region: LLC “Clinic of Professor S. Khmil”.
  • Odessa region: LLC “Clinic of Reproductive Medicine “NADEZhDA ODESSA” “.
  • Chernivtsi region: collective healthcare institution “Medical Center for the Treatment of Infertility”.
  • Rivne region: municipal medical institution “Rivne Regional Clinical Treatment and Diagnostic Center named after. Viktor Polishchuk” Rivne Regional Council.

The list of medical institutions that will have contracts with the NHSU for medical services under the package “Treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies” will be updated. You can follow the updates on the  portal NSZU.

Medical service for the package “Treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies” provided subject to the diagnosis of “Female infertility” or “Male infertility.” The patient’s age at the start of the cycle should be no more than 40 years.

First, a woman must contact an obstetrician-gynecologist in a specialized institution, which has an agreement with the NHSU for the package “Prevention, diagnosis, observation and treatment on an outpatient basis.” A referral is not required for this. An obstetrician-gynecologist will conduct an examination, determine the indications for IVF, and, if necessary, refer you for a consultation to related specialists (therapist, cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, etc.)

At this stage, hospital treatment or further examination may be required. An obstetrician-gynecologist can refer a woman to a specialized multidisciplinary institution or perinatal center that provides free services as part of the “Inpatient surgical operations for adults and children” packages. and “Inpatient care for adults and children without surgical operations.”

After further examination, the obstetrician-gynecologist refers the patient to a multidisciplinary consultation either in a specialized multidisciplinary institution, or in a perinatal center, or in an institution that provides the service VRT. A council of doctors decides on the existence of grounds for receiving infertility treatment services and the absence of contraindications.

The patient has the right to choose the place to receive the service independently from the list of institutions that have entered into an agreement with the National Healthcare Institution on medical care for the appropriate package of medical services.

Free of charge within the package “Treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies (in vitro fertilization)” a woman can get one full cycle per year – in case of pregnancy; Moreover, in the case of the birth of a healthy child, subsequent cycles of assisted reproductive technologies are not paid for. Also, the patient can receive a second full or incomplete cycle per year – if pregnancy does not occur. There is no need to pay extra for these services. Treatment is possible both on an outpatient basis and on a day or regular hospital basis – depending on the doctor's orders. The medical institution guarantees the confidentiality of treatment.

List of free services provided by the package “Treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies (in vitro fertilization)” available on the Department of Health and National Health Service website. As Ukrinform reported, on December 22, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Procedure for implementing the Medical Guarantees Program. For 2024, almost ₴159 billion have been allocated for the SGP, which is ₴16 billion more than in 2023. New areas include assisted reproductive technologies and transplantation. In total, the Medical Guarantee Program for this year provides 44 packages of services.


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