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The neurosurgical department has been updated at the Dnepr hospital


Feb 20, 2024

Photo Modern equipment was installed in the neurosurgical department of one of the Dnieper hospitals. Since the beginning of the year, dozens of transactions have already been carried out there.

The mayor of Dnieper Boris Filatov reported this in a Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

“New neurosurgical department in our 4th city hospital of Dnepr. Just two months later, its doctors have already performed fifty complex operations on military and ordinary citizens,” the mayor wrote.

The department has modern German equipment. There is a powerful operating room and comfortable work space for doctors and recovery for patients.

The city chairman added that, despite a full-scale war, the renovation of hospitals will continue.

Previously reported, a large project of a city children’s hospital is being completed in Dnipro, where there is a powerful rehabilitation base and a completely barrier-free space.

Photo: Boris Filatov, Telegram


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