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The patient can obtain information in an electronic system from a doctor or from the National Health Service – clarification of the Ministry of Health

A patient can obtain information about his data in the electronic health system (ESHS) from his family doctor or from the NHSU.

This is stated in the clarification of the Ministry of Health (MoH), Ukrinform reports.

"The patient can obtain information entered about him into the central database of the ECHR in one of the following ways: from his family or attending physician after providing such doctor with consent to access the requested information; at the National Health Service of Ukraine by sending a request through the form or by letter to the address: 04073, Kiev, Stepan Bandera Avenue, 19, the message says.

As the Ministry of Health explained, patient data is stored in a central database owned by the NHSU and in an institution that enters electronic medical records through medical information systems (MIS). The central database and MIS constitute the electronic health system.

In the central database (CDB), the patient’s personal and medical data are technically stored separately and in encrypted form.

Technically, the patient’s access as a user to CBD ESOP is not provided.

Also, healthcare institutions can provide patients with access to data stored directly in such an institution through patient applications of medical information systems that the institution uses to automate its processes. However, not all MIS have the appropriate functionality and not all establishments use it. Information in MIS applications that can be seen today when using them – This is not information from the ESOH CBD, but information stored about the patient by an institution that uses the same MIS.

Thanks to the ESOH, digital exchange of information occurs in the medical field. In it, doctors create electronic medical reports about birth and temporary disability, electronic referrals, electronic prescriptions, and enter other medical data of the patient. The attending physician can quickly – with the consent of the patient – obtain the necessary information about the patient, which was entered into the system based on the results of his preliminary requests for medical help. Such medical information will help the doctor have more objective data for making decisions when making a diagnosis, prescribing treatment, etc. links, personal data, etc., without contacting a doctor or service.

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