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There is no personnel crisis: Lyashko said how many doctors have left Ukraine abroad

Only 3% of health workers who worked in the Medical Guarantee Program went abroad.

More about this in Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said on the national telethon “Unified News,” Ukrinform reports.

"Now, if you look at official statistics, only 3% of health workers working in the Medical Guarantee Program have left the borders countries. But we understand that a large number of people to whom they provided medical care also left the country. Therefore, there is no crisis of personnel in the healthcare sector. But there is a question that a large number of medical workers have been mobilized, rebuilt on a war footing, and we need all the time adapt to the challenges brought by Russian terrorists,” Lyashko said.

At the same time, the minister added, according to WHO forecasts, the world will experience a personnel crisis in the healthcare sector by 2030 , which will also affect Ukraine. Therefore, the government is now changing approaches to training medical workers, in particular, approaches to state procurement, changes in training in medical universities, changes in internship financing, and the launch of residency training.

As Ukrinform reported, the Ministry of Education and Science proposed to introduce a grant system of education in higher educational institutions. The grant size will range from 15 thousand UAH. up to 50 thousand UAH. and will depend on the results of VNO/NMT. For certain professions, including teachers and medical workers, state orders will remain.

Photo: Ministry of Health

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