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Zelenskaya took part in a round table on mental health in London

Photo The President's wife Elena Zelenskaya took part in a round table on mental health in the British capital London.

The first lady announced this in a Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

“During her visit to London, she took part in a round table on mental health, together with Ukrainian and British specialists,” Zelenskaya wrote.

She noted that in the UK, the mental health support program has been operating for several decades; Ukrainian experts over the last decade, and especially over two years of full-scale war, have gained unique knowledge about the impact of great upheavals on people and the most effective ways to overcome the consequences.

The round table participants focused on the mental state of the younger generation. Zelenskaya recalled that according to a study by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, it is adolescents aged 13-15 who are most vulnerable to mental health challenges.

“If young people today feel security and confidence instead of anxiety and stress, this will definitely affect what the world will be like tomorrow,” she emphasized.

At the same time, the first lady noted that Ukrainians and British more in common than one could imagine. “For example, approximately 40% of Ukrainians and Britons fear that openly discussing their mental health problems could make it impossible for them to keep their jobs. There are almost identical indicators in approval of the expansion of programs to maintain mental health,” the first lady noted.

However, according to her, despite the deep trauma of war, Ukrainians demonstrate greater resilience than the British. “An optimistic mood and confidence in the ability to cope with challenges in the field of mental health was demonstrated by 69% of Ukrainians and only 18% of Britons,” she noted.

As reported, about 90% of Ukrainians, according to the study, have high or a very high level of stress.

Photo:  Elena Zelenskaya/Telegram

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