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Editorial Team of Baltimore Chronicle

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Behind every impactful news story lies a dedicated team of individuals working tirelessly to bring information to the public. At Baltimore Chronicle, we’re proud to introduce the faces and roles of those who ensure that our content remains top-tier and relevant. Dive in to meet the professionals who drive our mission forward every day.

  1. Maria GonzalezEditor-in-Chief
    Maria steers the overall direction of the publication and sets the strategic course for development. She also establishes journalism standards and oversees the quality of publications.
  2. David ChenDeputy Editor-in-Chief
    David works closely with Maria, focusing on day-to-day management. He is responsible for task allocation among journalists and monitors the publication schedule.
  3. Olena SmithNews Department Editor
    Olena is in charge of gathering, editing, and publishing news. She also coordinates the work of correspondents operating in various regions.
  4. Samir PatelTechnology Department Editor
    Samir has a keen interest in everything related to technology. He compiles and edits materials from this sphere and keeps an eye on the latest innovations.
  5. Chloé DuboisSports Department Editor
    Chloé is our expert in the world of sports. From football to tennis, she knows it all and handles the selection and editing of sports news.
  6. Thomas OdeyemiPhoto Editor
    Thomas ensures that the visual content of the site is always top-notch and relevant. He coordinates the work of photographers and selects images for articles.
  7. Aysel YılmazSocial Media Editor
    Aysel manages the Baltimore Chronicle’s presence on social media platforms. She plans and posts content, interacts with readers, and analyzes campaign effectiveness.

This team of professionals works together to provide you with the freshest and highest quality news every day. For contacting editorial team please write to ivanlitvin996@gmail.com